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CNC Shark ©
Routing System


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The CNC Shark © is the most portable machine in the Next Wave Automation product line. This CNC machine is designed for routing all types of wood, routing or engraving plastics, and even etching or cutting tile. The CNC Shark's© tile engraving capability was demonstrated in the International Builders' Show. This is an amazingly diverse machine, and its possibilities are only limited to your imagination. Visit our Web site at NextWaveAutomation.com.

The CNC Shark © is the best value for a complete CNC system.  This impressive machine has power, speed, accuracy, and ease of use.  We also have a technical support system to help you with any questions regarding the and any of its software. CNC Shark © has a high quality design and its parts have been CNC d to ensure its highest accuracy.  The ’s construction of steel, aluminum and high-density polyethylene make it robust, and it can take accidental impacts that would normally damage or destroy other machines.

The CNC Shark © can interface with other cnc programs in the industry including:

  • VCarve Pro
  • Photo Carve
  • Cut 3D
  • Aspire
  • BobCad
  • BobART
  • BobNestCad
  • Mach 3
  • Lazy Cam

Contact us if you already own one of these or a differnt CNC program and want to see if it is compatable.



  • Travel: X: 13" Y: 24"  Z: 4.25"
  • High Speed traverse 
  • Bearings: 12 Precision Linear Bearing Guides (4 on each axis) that maximizes rigidity
  • Resolution: less then .001 of an inch  
  • 269 oz/in 1.8-degree steppers
  • USB interface with on controller memory storage 
  • 24V Supply to provide full power to the steppers
  • VCarve Pro   program  included
  • Rockler Holding Clamps included
  • Rockler Router V bit included
  • Mounts for a Bosch Router included (Router sold separately) 
  • Free downloadable control program

We are a dealer for Vcarve, BobCad and an OEM for ArtSoft (Mach3).  With the purchase of our machine, If you are looking for additional software packages Next Wave Automation can sell you them at a discount.  Tell us if you are interested in upgrading or are looking to try out some of these programs.

*User supplies a computer with USB Port. You connect the USB cable to the controller box and its other end to your computer. 


  • BobCAD/CAM Upgrades Version 21
  • Vcarve upgrades (sign making program)
  • PhotoCarve (photo program) 
  • 3D Cut (mold design program)
  • T-Slotted Work Top

The CNC Shark© is Shipped is through the Rockler stores in the lower 48 United States.  If you are out side the US contact us about how to get your very own machine.

If you have any questions contact us



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